The short answer is "No".  The quality of the sound depends on a quality headset. Also, we are only able to provide support for specific headsets that are approved for use with the Sedation Stethscope. We have found that other headsets do not remain paired with the device or do not reconnect easily. 

1) Is a Pretracheal Stethoscope the Same as a Precordial Stethoscope?

2) What is the Warranty on the Sedation Stethoscope?

One year limited warranty on parts and labor on main compenents and 90 days on accessories such as bluetooth headset.

3) Can any Bluetooth Earpiece be Used With the Sedation Stethoscope?

6) How Long Do the Batteries Last in the Amplifier and Bluetooth Earpiece?

The Sedation Stethoscope amplifier battery pack is designed to last for approximately 20 hours of continuous product use, or up to 3 weeks on "standby". The Bluetooth Headset is designed for 10 hours of continuous use. Please note: Battery life will deplete over time. 

4) Can I Return the Stethoscope if don't like It?

5) Who Do I Call when I Need Help With my Stethoscope?

7) Can I use Any Kind of Batteries in The Amplifier?

8) How Far Does The Bluetooth Reach?

Yes. Both terms are used interchangeably.

Yes, there is a 30-day money back guaranty on the product.

Please contact our technical support team at  (800) 753-6376. Option 3. 

No. We recommend the use of 1000 mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries of AAA format to guarantee optimal product performance. DO NOT USE STANDARD ALKALINE BATTERIES IN YOUR RECHARGEABLE AMPLIFIER.

Bluetooth has a range of approximately 32 feet.

9) How can I place an order?

Please contact one of  the distributors listed  HERE for pricing and ordering information.